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Health Analytics

Improving Patient Care

The challenge facing the NHS is how best to allocate human and financial resources to maximise healthcare outcomes. The answer lies in connecting the millions of pieces of patient data scattered across the organisation. Imagine if decisions could be made across traditional service boundaries, using linked data sets to create a holistic view of patients' needs across health and social services.

Health Analytics does exactly this - and is already revolutionising the way the NHS works, helping to track, manage and analyse the needs of more than 1.5 million people.

Our software enables a co-ordinated approach to healthcare, by linking patient data from primary, secondary, social and community care. Using Health Analytics, local authorities, commissioners and healthcare providers can make more informed, evidence-based decisions about health and social care services to dramatically improve patient care.

Health Analytics’ powerful and flexible data aggregation and analysis tool has a range of applications, for example:

improved patient care