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Health Analytics

Getting More From Less

The challenge facing the NHS is how to get more from less. How can we improve patient care whilst reducing costs?

The answer lies in connecting the millions of pieces of patient data scattered across the organisation. Imagine if decisions could be made across traditional service boundaries, using linked data sets to create a holistic view of patients' needs across health and social services.

Health Analytics is already revolutionising the way the NHS works, helping hundreds of GP practices to track, manage and analyse the needs of more than 1.5 million people.

Our software is creating a co-ordinated healthcare system by linking patient data from primary, secondary, social and community care for the first time.

Our systems enable local authorities, commissioners and providers to make informed decisions about health and social care services so they can save both money and lives.

improved patient care

Budget and Claims Management

  • Right code
  • Right tariff
  • Right payment

Risk Stratification

Early detection and prevention

Data Acquisition

Maximising your data, knowledge and insight

Population Health Management

Industry leading analytics for the entire care pathway including virtual wards